The Martinborough Skyline Challenge, on Sunday 15 April 2018, will give people of all ages the chance to experience mountainbike riding around the Martinborough hillside on private, local farmland.

This family-friendly event is set on the historic Huangarua, Puruatanga (now Martinborough Station) and Oystershell farms.

The four courses are at varying levels of difficulty, a range of distances and across all types of terrain.  There is a 32 km Grade 3 ride for those looking for a mountainbike challenge, a demanding and quite hilly 16 km ride for the intermediate rider, an 8 km family fun ride to get you and the kids onto your bikes and into the countryside, and a free 3 km children's course for riders 8 years of age and under.

32 km – Grade 3

Starts 9:00 am, event briefing at 8:55am

The 32 kilometre ride really does take you to the ‘skyline’. Head to the north of Martinborough, and be rewarded with magnificent panoramic views of the South Wairarapa, from Ocean Beach to Rangitumau, from Featherston to the Hinakura hills.

The undulating sheep and beef farm terrain is steep in places, rough and rugged in others and delivers both uphill and downhill experiences.  There will be extra challenges for anyone who wants to really push it – tracks aren’t always necessary, are they?

From the top you will traverse the ridges for a while before plunging down into Oystershell Valley, eventually (after a few more undulations) tracking back to the start/finish.

To see a map of what you are in for Click Here.

8km – Novice

Starts 9:30 am, event briefing at 9:25am

The 8km ride will be a loop around the lower reaches of the hills, providing challenge-enough for novice and younger riders – we really do intend to make this suitable for all of the family.  Even from here you can get spectacular views of Martinborough – usually only seen by sheep and cattle and some lucky farm workers.

To see a map of what you are in for Click Here.

3km ride

Starts 10:00 am, event briefing at 9:55am

A flat beginner’s course to introduce children 8 years of age and under to the world of mountainbiking.  Flat enough to walk with the kids. Starts 10:00 am with the walkers.

16km – Intermediate

Starts 9:10 am for riders, event briefing at 8:55am
Starts 9:20 am for runners, event briefing at 8:55am

The 16km ride doesn’t quite get to the top of the skyline, but you will go a long way up.  The turn-around point is a plateau from where you can see the autumn vines of the Martinborough vineyards, TeMuna Valley, Lake Wairarapa, the mountains to the west and right around towards the Longbush Valley. The ride itself takes you through a range of terrain, and you will need to be reasonably fit to handle the hills.

Previous rides have shown that parts of the track may be too steep for intermediate riders to ride up – but you get to fly down on the way home!

To see a map of what you are in for Click Here.

8km Run or Walk

Starts 9:40 am for runners and walkers, event briefing at 9:25am

And if riding a mountain bike isn’t your thing, we are offering a chance to walk the 8km course.  The track undulates, the terrain offers plenty of variety and, as we said above, the views are unprecedented.  And if you are inclined to stop and take photos of the stunning views, chat a while or enjoy a drink, you can always visit “Camp David” our own little stop-off near the half-way point.

To see a map of what you are in for Click Here.

We are planning a family fun day – after the ride there will be a free barbeque, and free tea, coffee, water and juice.

There will also be a chance to win, with spot prizes up for grabs.  Sit under the oak trees, enjoy a sausage or lamb patty from the BBQ and relax while you wait for the rest of the family to return from their challenge.

Registrations are now open; see the Registrations tab at the top of this page.

Times will not be taken – but there will be clocks at the finish line so you can take note of your own time if you wish.  This event is about personal bests and completion.

Organisers of the Martinborough Skyline Challenge reserve the right to change or alter any or all of the courses in the interests of rider safety and/or farm management requirements.