Registration Questions

How do I register as a single person, not as a member of a group?

On the registration form, simply enter your details as the Group Leader and ignore the other Group Member fields.

I have received an error message when registering: ‘There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later’.

This may happen occasionally when the site is in process of updating or is being backed up.  Normally this will not last longer than a few minutes.

What is the registration/payment process?

Step 1 – Complete and submit the Registration Form.

Step 2 – You will then receive an email confirming your registration and listing the courses for which you have registered.

Step 3 – In the email that you have just received, follow the link to the Payments page.  Here, add to the cart those courses for which you have just registered.

Step 4 – Proceed to your cart and complete payment.

Payment Questions

I need a refund. Is this possible?

In effect, all registration payments are ‘final’ so refunds will not ordinarily be considered – unless there are exceptional circumstances or other reasons to do so.  In such an event any decision to refund or not refund shall be that of Martinborough Lions alone and shall be non-negotiable. Please see our Terms of Entry.

I see you are using PayPal – do I have to open a PayPal account?

No, definitely not.  If you do not already have, and do not wish to set up a PayPal account you are offered the choice to check out and complete payment as a ‘PayPal Guest’ using your debit or credit card instead of an existing  PayPal account.

Why do I not see a link to my cart on the Payment page?

This is unnecessary. After you select any of the events on the Payment page, you will automatically be directed to your cart – allowing you to check that your desired selection has been correctly added to the cart.

To add another event entry to your cart, click on the ‘Continue shopping’ link, in the top right-hand corner of the Cart page, and you will be returned to the Payment page where you can select another event.

Should you wish to return to your cart from the Payment page without selecting an additional event, simply click on your browser’s Forward icon (usually found next to the Reload icon).