The Martinborough
Skyline Challenge & Family Day

23 APRIL, 2022

Four Courses
Mountainbiking, Running & Walking
Suitable for All Ages

The 2022 Martinborough Skyline Challenge has been cancelled.

We have had to cancel the Skyline Challenge & Family Day. We’ve worked through the various options to keep the Event but, with no end in sight for the Red Traffic Light, we feel that we can’t continue to promote it.

With little confidence of actually being able to hold the event we think the right thing to do is to is to stop selling tickets, cancel the Event and offer refunds to those who bought tickets in January before the new restrictions came into play.

Our apologies to all those who were hoping to enjoy this great day.

Four Challenging Courses

34 km
Ride or Run

This Grade 3 ride is perfect for those looking for a mountainbike or extreme running challenge.

Starts at 8:30 am with an event briefing at 8:15 am.

19 km
Ride or Run

This demanding and quite hilly course is great for intermediate level riders or serious runners.

Starts at 9:15 am with an event briefing at 9:00 am.

8 km
Ride or Run

This family-friendly ride is ideal for getting out with the kids in the countryside, or as a personal challenge for less-experienced riders.

Starts at 10:00 am with an event briefing at 9:45 am.

10 km

We now have included a dedicated 10 km walk which will take you out the back of the historic Huangarua Station and up to stunning view points.

Starts at 9:40 am with an event briefing at 9:30 am.

PLUS 3 km Beginner’s Ride

A flat beginner’s course to introduce children eight years of age and under to the world of mountain biking.

Starts at 10:30 am with an event briefing at 10:15 am.

The Martinborough Skyline Challenge 2022 will start and finish at:

276 Ponatahi Road

The event is held on farmland which is only opened to the public once a year.
It passes through three historic sheep stations Huangarua, Oystershell and Puruatanga (now Martinborough Station), all originally owned by the Martin family. The views from the top look down on Martinborough and surrounding vineyards, South Wairarapa and the Kaikoura Ranges. The 32 km riders (on a challenging and testing grade three ride) will also be able to see the Longbush Valley to the East.

Directions: From the church at the corner of Princess Street and Kitchener Street head north along Princess Street (towards Masterton) and 276 Ponatahi Road is located 2.76 kilometres from the church.